StepChange Procurement is a small management consultancy business based in Central London. We primarily work with Central and Local Government and Housing Sector based in London, UK.

Established at July 2013, we are ambitious for us and for our clients.

We have access to a small pool of associate consultants, in interim senior leadership, change/program, analysts, commissioning/procurement transformation, strategy and policy, assurance experts, organizational design and capability planning and career mentoring resources. We can work with senior executives in public bodies to deliver, mid to long term consultancy, efficiency support or to deliver change.


We deliver:

  • • Program Management and Transformation
  • • Service Design and Commissioning enabled by Lean reviews
  • • Continuous Improvement Planning and Delivery
  • • Procurement and Commercial Transformation Expertise
  • • Commissioning and procurement strategy and policies
  • • Supply Chain Management and Contracts Management Frameworks and Methodology
  • • Supply chain ethical codes, social value and modern slavery enablement; policy, process and assessment methodology
  • • Interim Leadership and Senior Resourcing Consultancy/Advisory


We can assist public bodies with individual placement or partial outsourcing of your commissioning, supply chain, commercial transformation, program management capacity and capability building.

We are “a safe pair of hands”, supporting public bodies in this difficult time of austerity, EU Exit fast pacing change; with proven, methodic and standardised review and enablement models; or tailor-made professional advice, solutions, redesigns and capabilities building; aimed to improve products and outcomes and share knowledge.

The work we do, will positively impact; public bodies multi billion third party spend by improving compliance, process, practices and outcomes in a short span of time.

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StepChange Business Solutions is a management consultancy company established in 2015, providing expertise in transformation and business change, strategy and program management for UK Central and Local Government. The company is supported by senior consultants and associates experts in the field, and with expertise in procurement and commissioning in social care and housing services.

StepChange Procurement Solutions Ltd (based in London, UK) specialises in providing Public Services, Social Care and Health Change Management, Procurement Services, Market Management, and general management consultancy services and advice to the public sector. StepChange Procurement Solutions Ltd primarily works alongside with Central and Local Government and Health. StepChange Procurement Solutions Ltd works with Charities, and not-for-profit organisations in the UK and Europe. StepChange Procurement Solutions Ltd offers a total solution focused approach; providing the right people; strategy, benchmarking opportunities, systems/ business process and organisational design.

Focused on delivering customer excellence for clients and building on years of experience and insight of UK public sector administration, process and resources; it offers to organisations solutions that maximise the delivery, streamline services. With years of experience in the delivery of social care commissioning programmes and projects; the company's approach is to deliver real sustainable outcomes and increased performance, through stakeholder engagement, consultation, collaboration and partnership building.


AWARDS - Proud to confirm that Stepchange Procurement Solutions Ltd has been awarded: Best Public Administration Management Consultancy 2019 - London

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Between the years 2002 - 2005 Nahid worked as director and secretary of Lambeth Law Centre, based in London, UK.The Law Centre is a community law centre specialising in housing, immigration and other subjects.



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